In the United States, over one half million children are in foster care because they cannot safely live with their families. CASA volunteers work to ensure that these children do not suffer further abuse due to the overburdened court system or at home.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Johnson County CASA Program is to advocate for and provide every neglected, abused, or exploited child in our county a voice in the Court process and to educate our community regarding its responsibility for children under these circumstances.


About CASA

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) are volunteers trained to be advocates for children who have been abused and neglected and are under the protection of the court. They are appointed by the judge to meet regularly with the child, review records, and talk to family members and professionals involved in the child's case. They report information to the judge, make recommendations to promote the child's best interests, and monitor compliance with the court's orders until the child has been placed in a safe, permanent home.

But there are more children in need than we have the volunteer or financial capacity to handle. We need more resources, but your help can make an important difference. The number of children in State care continues to increase and CASA needs your help.  We need people in the community to become advocates for these children.  Will you be a voice for one of them?

News and Events
New Volunteer Training - [***]

New volunteers must complete a mandatory 30 hour training course to become familiar with National CASA standards and learn how to be an effective advocate for a child in our community.  The training consists of ten - 3 hour sessions held on Monday and Thursday evenings.

Volunteers are also required to obtain 12 hours of continuing training on an annual basis.

Children are currently waiting for an advocate, so please contact the office to learn how you can enroll in the next class!!!!

Please cal (317) 346-4561 or send an email to to find out how you can make a difference in a child's life.  Click the link below for a volunteer application.

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